Thursday Thing – week 19

I’ve been busy this week. Firstly, a fresh look at last week’s beach scene d’après Rod Moore..


Then I ventured off-piste again. working from an old photograph taken from North Lookout, Hawk Mountain, PA. Sorry about the rocks. I may spend more time on this one (or reuse the canvas). The sky is okay, though.P1050010

Then I tried working on a photograph of the Puy-de-Dôme; the highest pont in France’s Massif Central. I may have missed with the mist! Another reusable canvas?


Then I looked at another photo of the summit at sunset. Better.Photo_2023-05-29_164030

Flash left us in 2009 at which point he was well past his fourteenth birthday, which I gather is pretty good for a Greyhound. This from a photograph taken in 2006 at eleven. The scar under his eye was our cat’s way of keeping him in line!


On reflection, I have decided to stop running and instead learn to walk. To that end, I have now enrolled in Rod Moore’s Learn to Paint Academy hopefully, to put some structure around my efforts. Let me know if you want me to continue sharing any progress I may make’

Thursday Thing – week 18

My first thought for this weekend was to spend some time on exercise to address some of the issues I’m facing with my painting. Then I thought it might be fun to try to do something with a picture of a pair of Pygmy Falcons I took in South Africa back in 2005 – a sister shot to the one I displayed here.


Dreadful, isn’t it? On reflection. I think I should have stuck with my first idea.

Instead of that, though, I tried another landscape tutorial



Thursday Thing – week 17

Following a tutorial on the Moore method:


And this, inspired by a photograph. Today I learned that rainbows are hard. In fairness, it looked great in my head, right up until I put brush to canvas.


Same tree, different season: