Sorry, no GTI this week

And here’s why:IMG_0451a

My 70th birthday falls in the middle of next month, at which time we shall (fingers crossed) be in the middle of our move back to the UK after thirteen years living here in France.


As a birthday treat, my daughter, aided and abetted by her husband and my wife, secretly purchased for me what is very possibly the best birthday gift I have ever had – an hour-long microlight flight in the company of a skein of red-necked geese and Cedric – a great pilot, a knowledgeable bird-man and one of the nicest people you could hope to meet.

My only possible reaction was: Wow!

This was my first microlight flight, which was a big thing in itself, but to fly in formation with these magnificent birds; to be a part of their group, sometimes leading sometimes following, to react to them as they reacted to us – to have the sense of being of them as well as with them – like I said: Wow!

Left to right: daughter Tania, Cedric, me and wife Clare
Three of the six red-necked geese we flew with

So now you know.

And I bet you want to know more, don’t you?

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