MS Waist of Space

Welcome aboard the MoonShip Waist of Space, the Royal Space Regiment’s flagship project, in which a pair of top-flight astronauts attempt nothing less than the colonisation of the moon itself! Well; that’s what they were told, anyway…

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Episode Description
1 In which we meet Tarquin and Merry, among much strangeness
2 In which they meet an alien
3 In which they explore the meaning of their mission’s name
4 In which Tarquin seems to be having trouble waking up
5 In which their troubles are eclipsed
6 In which they are saved, but captured.
7 In which our heroes try to talk their way out of their cage
8 In which Arty arranges lunch
9 In which Arty and his father discuss breeding the humans
10 In which Merry and Tarquin are turned out of their cage.
11 In which procreation is discussed, and Tarquin has a dream
12 In which strangers appear, and Tarquin loses his imperative
13 In which Tarquin and Merry escape from the Borborygmi
14 In which they are back in the Waist of Space, but will the radio work? And if so, will anyone on Earth care?
15 In which Merry has a plan, but Tarquin doesn’t think much of it.
16 In which there are tractor troubles, and Merry has another plan.
17 In which they are arrested and thrown into the brig!
18 In which we meet some of the shuttle crew and the Borborygmi purpose to communicate
19 In which the Borborygmus, Flatulon Grumpblast, says what he and his compatriots really want.
20 In which the captain negotiates with Flatulon, and a fight breaks out in the galley .
21 In which we meet Patsy from the galley .
22 In which we say goodbye to Captain Rik van Winpell of the Sir Prijs and his CFP, Edna Bucket.
23 In which Reggie releases our heroes, resulting in an unexpected turn of events.
24 In which Merry is confirmed as captain, and some mysteries are explained. Or not.
25 In which there is a lot of talking and a lot of explaining, but very little actually happens.
26 In which the Admiral leaves, and Tarquin has a milkshake – or two
27 In which Tarquin goes back to the moon.
28 In which Tarquin meets the chief of the Borborygmi. And it doesn’t go well.
29 In which the Sir Prijs surprises, and Tarquin learns his fate.
30 In which the Borborygmi make an interesting offer in exchange for asylum. But is that all they want?
31 In which negotiations with the Borborygmi continue, and Tarquin gets a new job.
32 The journey home.

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