This page contains links to some of my very short stories. I hope you enjoy them.

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A bridge too far? Harry returns home late from a shopping trip, but without his son or his car.
A bridge too far? It’s a long walk over a dodgy-looking footbridge
Actions and consequencesSally is pregnant, but who is the father?
A familiar face?A face seems to ring a bell.
After AutumnA sequel to Forever Autumn
A journey of discoveryTwo explorers set out to rediscover a small part of Africa.
Albert and JarvisA collaborative tale of travel and adventure.
An error of judgementDealing with the morning after.
Angela’s new jobA major career change for Angela. She believes she is ready for it, but does her new boss agree?
A possible future?One of the many possible outcomes of the Scottish referendum
Around the campfire“What’s the worst thing you can imagine happening to you?” Dave asked. This is Nobby’s tale.
A sad and unexpected end.I didn’t think looking down upon oneself when dead would be quite like this.
AssimilatedVictor’s life is forever changed after a visit to a sanctuary – but not in the way you’d expect.
A stranger arrivesCan it be true?
A tale of trust misplacedAbdullah was a trusting soul
Be careful what you wish forArthur wanted to be a Blue Peter dog
Behind the heavy curtainA pair of young musicians consult a clairvoyant before their first gig.
Between jobsHow’s an actor supposed to make a living?
Bobby’s not having a good dayIn fact, Bobby is having a very bad day.
Christmas visitors — A group of inter-galactic explorers start carolling
Clutching at strawsJulian has plans to bring his brother out of his shell
ContrabandThere are rules about what can be brought back from holiday
Crafty! — Things aren’t always as they seem…
Deep, deep troubleA boy is in trouble for staying out too late, in the days when many households didn’t have a telephone
Don’t judge a banana by its skinAppearances can be deceptive
Exit strategyLearning the lessons of history through the generations
Forever AutumnA story of young love (sequel at After Autumn)
FortitudeA story of love gone wrong
Help is a two-way streetBe careful what you wish for
Her personal tutorPhotography lessons in the city of love
Holier than dhow?Handmade solid gold models of dhows don’t come cheap
If a picture is worth a thousand words, why can I only manage 723?A boy and his grandfather discuss a picture
If, at first, you don’t succeed.After the disaster of When good intentions aren’t enough, Dick tries again.
I love DaddyA small girl talks about her relationship with her father
Imaginary friendAn alternative viewpoint.
I’m the king of the castleThe king is not happy.
International DayInspired by Sarah Cox, on Radio2, when she told us that she had sent her child to school on International Day in normal uniform
IsolationA bad man gets his comeuppance
I think it’s called progress…A fictional memoir. Kena Nchango is the daughter of a shaman, living in an area that sees much change.
It’s about time…A group of hikers comes across a very recently deserted village. Continued in
It’s about time, two!
Joseph’s storya different viewpoint on the nativity.
Jurassic dark?a novel viewpoint on a seminal prehistoric event.
Just deserts?John and Jennifer investigate a mystery. Continued in “Mountain tension“.
Lacking colourInspired by a classic fairytale, this tells of the life journey of a child born in Africa with albinism.
Looking for GrampsA sequel to “What goes up must come down”.
More than a jobIt’s lonely out in space – with a nod to David Bowie, oddly enough.
MemoriesOld times remembered, or are they?
Mountain tensionContinuation of the story started in “Just deserts?“. Continued in “Peeks of passion“.
MS Waist of SpaceA pair of hapless astronauts are sent on a very special Lunar mission (partwork).
Omai? Oh, my!A story of kidnap and deception.
One hundred daysIt can be lonely at home, too.
…or how not to holidayThings can go wrong on holiday.
…or how not to holiday, part 2Things can go seriously wrong on holiday.
Peeks of passionContinuation of the story started in “Just deserts?” and continued in “Mountain tension“.
Perhaps they hadn’t left it too late A sequel to “They left it too late
Places, peopleLife on a film set
Priorities begin at home, tooAn object lesson in archaeology?
Repent at leisureThere’s no way out of a signed contract
Rosie 1, the shedRosie’s husband suffers an accident in his shed
Rosie 2, the letter Rosie opens a letter, and wishes she hadn’t
Safari sogoodySometimes a freebie has hidden cost.
SurveillanceVirtually keeping an eyye on things
Ten years onWhen the land is safe again, someone has to check it out.
That’s what I’m afraid of Sometimes there are reasons for long-term unhappiness…
The betrothal that wasn’tSome relationships are not meant to be.
The dateWaiting for someone who isn’t going to turn up
The day the plane finally cameOne person had waited for a long time to see a man step off a plane…
The disused stationA visit to a disused railway station brings back painful memories.
The hot seatSometimes, you just have to do it
The Kraft KlubThey’re krafty, but they never gossip
The last timeRon and Patsy were inseperable
The lobster pot deceptionThings aren’t always as they seem…
The party girl Jack Brierly was something of a recluse, yet he was at an embassy reception, where he saw a woman, who had a powerful effect on him…
The phone callOld, frail and visually impaired, retired teacher Dot Penrose is afraid to answer the phone
The rice harvestAgricultural politics
They left it too lateWilf takes his elderly, widowed father to re-visit the area where he spent his honeymoon to rekindle memories.
Through the eyes of a childMelanie Brownis missing her soldier daddy, and prays for his safe return.
Under cover Junior Investigator Jacques Rouxelle aims to be hidden in plain sight.
Unjustly accused Neil believed that he was doing a good thing, offering a lift to a young hitch-hiker, but it all backfired on him.
We should fishPiracy averted
Well, I do declare!A taxing tale.
What goes down may come back up againEldrick had fallen on hard times, but was determined to work his way back.
What goes up must come downWhat was the journey that led to the picture?
What’s in a name?Ah, the innocence of youth.
When good intentions aren’t enoughDick thought he was doing a good thing, but Grace didn’t agree. Continued in If, at first, you don’t succeed.
You can hide, but you can’t runWhen a footballer is ordered to throw a match, it can be dangerous not to.
You can hide, but you can’t run – 2 Still trying to escape the consequences of not throwing a match.
You have nothing to fear, but…Victor faces his first decision. Partial sequel to Assimilated
Your tears aren’t good enough – 1It isn’t nice to hear that your tears aren’t good enough, but that is what I was told some years ago.
Your tears aren’t good enough – 2I should probably apologise for this story. It’s what happens when I give the rational side of my brain an hour off, and allow the rest to go off on a frolic of its own.
Your tears aren’t good enough – 3Linda’s mother blames her for what she thinks is an avoidable accident.

Short shortsa random collection of very short stories and flash fiction

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