Books currently in progress

These are the books I am currently working on. Cover images are for illustration only, and may change before the books become publicly available as, indeed, may the titles. All the information on this page is, of course, subject to change as storylines develop and as texts are reviewed and revised.

Andrea: in search of space

Andrea cover300Fresh from her work on Project Prodigialis, Rear Admiral Andrea Smithson takes command of the Terra II project.

The largest in-system luxury cruise liner had been refitted and recommissioned in the Royal Space Regiment fleet as HMDSV Colin Pillinger. Its mission? To identify, locate and survey a habitable but uninhabited planet which can be populated over time to take pressure off Earth and its resources.

written for NaNoWriMo 2020


List of characters at the start of mission

Regimental Headquarters (Packway)

  • Meredith Winstanley – Admiral
    • Patsy Pratt, Commander – Admiral’s ADC
      • Nigel Swann, Sub-Lieutenant – PA to the Admiral
    • Joan Weinberg, Rear Admiral – Commander – Near Space Operations

HMDSV Colin Pillinger (CPIL)

  • Andrea Smithson, Rear Admiral – Commander, Deep Space Operations and Commanding Officer
    • Jason Strangename, Commodore – Deputy Commander, Deep Space Operations and Captain, HMDSV Colin Pillinger
      • Tarquin Stuart-Lane, Captain/First Officer
      • Ishmael Al-Kawazi, Captain – Head of Engineering
        • Shinshuu Tanimoto, Commander – Head of Operations, Research & Development, Manufacturing and Deployment
          • Devasree Kanikkar Kartha, Lieutenant-Commander – Deputy Head of Operations, Research & Development, Manufacturing and Deployment
      • J’Lana Lustra, Commander/Science Officer – Head of Sciences
        • Gloriana Tunnelly, Lieutenant/Chief Botanist – Head of Botany/Life sciences
        • Alexandra Finnbogadóttir, Lieutenant-Commander – Head of Astrophysics
        • Joop Wijnans, Lieutenant – Senior Exobiologist
      • Paige Boyle, Commander – Head of Administration and Personnel Management
        • Anusha Nambeesan, Petty Officer – Morale Officer
        • Shannon Crawford, Lieutenant-Commander – Head of Security
          • Duncan de Sauderley, Warrant Officer – Crew discipline
        • Farid Levrentiev, Lieutenant-Commander – Head of Diplomacy and Alien Relations
        • Lukimotoka, Lieutenant – Head of Crew Services and Housekeeping
      • Dr Jack Turner, Commander – Chief Medical Officer

HMDST Sir Prijs

  • Algernon Pippington, Captain – Master of Sir Prijs
    • Jacob Postlethwaite, Lieutenant – XO, Sir Prijs
    • Karolina Olsson, sub-Lieutenant – Helm, Sir Prijs


  • Jinnis Keet – Explorer and Ambassador, Senior Liaison, Jinthate/Human
  • Eaten Messe – Explorer and Ambassador
  • Kala Kodash – Lead Technician, EGI and MTS
  • Kitara Navilli – MTS Training Lead
  • Willi Navilli – MTS Trainer

Acronyms and initialisms

CAG – Constant Acceleration Gravity – a drive enhancement that allows a vessel to cruise at speeds exceeding one-tenth the speed of light using power that is augmented by the SEP field

eDV – Enhanced Developed Vetting; a security clearing protocol

EGI – the search for Extra-Grintskian Intelligence

EPHS – Enhanced Post-Hypnotic Suggestion. A form of mind control pioneered by the Borborygmi (see Making Merry) and taught to a limited number of humans.

GTI – Gap Travel Initiative. When a particular form of energy is tight-beamed into a stable Lagrangian point between two bodies, it can enter an inter-dimensional gap. Once in there, it can be sent to another known stable Lagrangian point in any part of the galaxy, where it will emerge in exactly the state it entered, at exactly the same point in time.

MTS – Mass Transport System converts mass into an appropriate form of energy, allowing it to be sent through the gap using GTI technology.

SEP – Shielded Energy Porosity field. All energy that strikes the field is absorbed and is used to power the shield that protects the structure from solid objects, and powers the SEP field generator as well as all the collecting and retransmitting hardware. Solid objects that strike the field are converted to energy and absorbed. Larger objects – anything more than a cubic metre – are scanned for life-signs and there are protocols in place to deal with friendly and unfriendly visitors. If there are no life-signs the objects are absorbed or deflected at the captain’s option.

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