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  1. Hello there! I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations and thank you for all of your wonderful and thoughtful comments you have placed on my stories. Your own written words are what have captivated my interest and I look forward to finding out more about you through this award. Congratulations my little blogging friend! 🙂


    1. Good morning, Belinda. Thank you for nominating me; I am truly honoured.
      I do have one serious worry about awards like this one, though, and it is this (sorry about the numbers):
      If each of the 15 nominees nominates 15 bloggers, that will be 225 nominations. If each of those does the same, it will make 3375 in three hops. The ninth hop will be to more than three times the population of the planet.
      If you don’t mind, Belinda, I shall sit on this for a while – not refusing to accept it, but now (sat in a hospital ward waiting for a minor operation in four hours) is not a good time for me to be thinking about it.

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      1. Keith I hope you are ok! I totally understand what you have said as well. (My eyebrows raised at the 15 number as well!) I am just about to reflect a no award policy due to the time consuming nature of them. My two blog awards posts have actually taken longer to compile than all my short stories I have posted so far! 🙂

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        1. I haven’t wanted to put p a ‘no awards’ statement as it seems so ungrateful. I’m sure that those I’ve so far been nominated for were sincerely meant, and I feel bad about saying ‘no’, or even ‘probably not’. However, the numbers apart, My weekly response to my own Kreative Kue, plus the weekly episode of Albert & Jarvis are demanding, before I consider the other writing and photographic challenges I like to take part in.

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          1. Keith I totally understand. I have just placed a no awards policy on my site and it’s not because I haven’t felt honoured to have been nominated by my wonderful fellow bloggers. However, there are so many awards out there! It has the sprinklings of the whole social media time consuming nature that I have just stepped away from. Identifying and remembering your purpose behind your blogging is important for your creative mind! 🙂

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