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Sing for your supper


Life can be quite boring
Just sitting in the nest
And so we practise singing –
It’s what we do the best

We’re meant to be a full quintet
But two of us aren’t ready
And so we sing a trio
A bit like Ed, Edd n Eddy

In quiet times soft melodies
We spend the long hours voicing
But when our folks appear with food
We switch to loud rejoicing

Hopefully the other two
Will finally awaken
And then we five can give full voice
When Dad brings home the bacon.

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 255 published on this site.

Homeward bound.


“I cannot believe that you brought Mum out with … TAXI! … all this lot going on.”

“How could I not, Elena? It’s Mum’s birthday after all. We always bring Mum out for a nice meal on her special day.”

“Didn’t you notice that … TAXI – Oh for pity’s sake – TAXI … all the restaurants and everything are shut?”

“Yeah, I kind of heard they might be, but you always hope, don’t you?”

“Is that what you live your life on? Hope?”

“Ain’t nothing better.”

“TAXI! Where in the name of all that’s sacred are all the taxis? … Glory be, Louise, you’re not hoping, you’re wishing.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Let me explain. You hope for a sunny day, an empty road to cross, an open eatery. All these things you can reasonably expect to happen. Not necessary they will, but they can. You wish for a lottery win!”

“Can happen.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Can too. People win all the time.”

“Against odds of seventy-eight gazillion to one, yeah. You can’t live your life on those odds.”

“Why not?”

“Cause you’ll go through life disappointed. Like I am at there being no effing taxis.”

“So how are you going to get Mum home?”

“How am I going to get her home?”

“That’s what I asked.”

“How am I going to get her home? How are you going to get her home, more like it.”

“Why is it down to me?”

“Because it was your idea to bring her out on the one day the city’s locked down on account of the election.”

“Tell you what I don’t get…”


“I don’t get why the city’s locked down for the election. Never is usually.”

“Don’t you watch the news channels?”

“Nah. Boring.”

“If you had, you’d have known that they’re expecting big trouble. Riots in the streets they were talking about. Advised every business to close down for the day, board up if they could.”

“I didn’t know about that.”

“It’s been all over the news for a week or more.”

“So where are all the rioters? Same place as the taxis?”

“Looks like maybe you’re not the only one doesn’t bother watching the news channels. Looks like the rioters didn’t watch, either.”

“Taxi drivers did — ouch!”

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 255 published on this site.



This golf ball is so flipping large
To bring it here needed a barge
What made it much worse
I’d forgotten my purse
So how could I pay the surcharge?

I shouted across to my caddie
“Just pay the wee man will you, laddie?”
He looked a bit dumb
Then said to his Mum
“Can I have an alternative Daddy?”

His Mum said, “Don’t be such a chump,
You wanted to come to this dump,
Defy your old Dad
And he’ll only get mad,
You know what he’s like with the hump.”

His reticence firmly unmasked
He paid what the bargemaster asked
I said, “That’s the way,
Just do as I say,
Exactly as you have been tasked.”

And so I play golf on the shore
Round in sixty, and not a shot more.
It beats water-skiing
In the Caribbean
And my final word shall be – FORE!

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 254 published on this site.