Hybrids (previously Albert and Jarvis)

Albert, Jarvis, Trevor, Eos and Dawn

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Episode Description
1 We meet Albert and young Alex; and we learn that the shepherd’s hut is not what it seems.
2 Albert tells us that Jarvis is a time-travelling machine, and offers to take Alex on a trip.
3 Jarvis stops in mid-journey, so Albert can explain more to Alex about his nature, and the nature of time travel.
4 Alex learns about bitek, and about the relationship between Albert and Jarvis
5 The journey continues toward the time and place where Jarvis was brought into being; Alex learns more about the nature of time.
6 They arrive at their destination in Jarvis’s home dimension. Alex has a surprise when they go out into the open, and Jarvis reverts to his normal form.
7 Albert and Alex tour the facility where Jarvis was brought into being, and Alex is introduced to some more exotic physics.
8 Alex has a shock when Albert changes form and recombines with Jarvis. Alex is taken home but keeps things secret from his parents.
9 Alex’s parents don’t believe his account of Albert’s hut. A new trip is mooted.
10 Another companion arrives, with a worrying power.
11 A trip to the past; Alex learns something about his father – and about himself.
12 Alex has intellect, but needs wisdom, too.
13 Alex meets another alien, but things aren’t necessarily what they seem…
14 Alex is alone in Jarvis’ shell. Where or when is everyone? How will Alex cope?
15 Alex is confused by the explanations given for the disappearances.
16 Alex goes home to Mum and Dad; asks if Jarvis is gay.
17 Parents inspect the hut, Dad doesn’t cover himself in glory. A new trip is proposed.
18 How to get rid of a virus, and the law of unintended consequences.
19 What are cupboards for, if not skeletons? Alex discovers a few things…
20 and speaking of skeletons in cupboards…
21 Dad opens up to Alex
22 Alex wants to change his name
23 Xander gets an upgrade or two
24 Xander’s parents learn the truth. Is this the end, or just the end of the beginning?
25 Dad is struggling. Xander has lessons in history, and more.
26 Serious discussions at home.
27 Mum and Dad join Xander for a trip.
28 Dad has a short fuse. Kr’veth’neq’is arrives and calms the situation.
29 Visit to Rocamadour. Xander learns one of the problems associated with time-travel.
30 The truth hits Dad hard, Xander learns of the gotchas of time travel and a new trip is planned.
31 A trip to the closest planet to the super-massive black hole at the centre of the galaxy. It’s not like home!
32 Bonus episode. Things are not always as they seem.
33 On Terra, there’s no time like the present. No, really, there isn’t.
34 The ebb and flow of time confuses Xander, who appears to have discovered a new cousin.
35 Xander needs some time at home, to get his head together.
36 Xander rests for a couple of days and catches up on some serious reading. Albert has a plan.
37 Playtime on the moon.
38 Has Xander decided that vegan is the way to go?
39 Does Al know too much?
40 Kr’veth’neq’is manipulates Al’s mind. Madge is less than impressed.
41 Madge gets her wish for a white Christmas.
42 New year, new discord – look out for the fireworks, if you have the mind to see them!
43 Now, that’s what I call fireworks.
44 Breakfast time chat.
45 Al misbehaves and needs rescuing..
46 Domestic discord at the Grahamsons’
47 Chav; the little dog who could.
48 What were Albert and Kr’veth’neq’is up to in the Garden of Eden? Chav makes a request.
49 Chav needs a friend.
50 Ixus finds a forever home.
51 Xander learns about Eddies, there is a contretemps, and Chav bites someone’s leg.
52 When 52 weeks is not one year, and a visit to Inevitabilia.
53 A novel form of propulsion is discussed, and Jarvis avoids being vaporised.
54 Smog, and the perils of time travel.
55 Kr’veth’neq’is can’t handle the truth, and some very large numbers
56 Xander is having trouble getting his head around some concepts, and his father can’t speak French!
57 Xander teaches the dogs to count, and issues a warning.
58 Xander teaches the dogs basic arithmetic, and receives disturbing news.
59 Eddies to the rescue.
60 Eddies find a way to avoid Mendacium, but time is of the essence – and not in the way you’d think!
61 Albert and Jarvis go off on a forty-year quest, leaving Xander at home to explain things to Mum. Kr’veth’neq’is goes on holiday.
62 The Grahamsons chat around the dinner table.
63 Fun and games, a serious chat and a late night visitor.
64 It’s a wise child that knows his own father.
65 Xander is not impressed with Albert’s amoral position.
66 Xander has a chat with Al about what Kr’veth’neq’is had told him.
67 Kr’veth’neq’is consults a holy man, and Xander devises a cunning plan when he’s supposed to be doing school work.
68 The siblings reach a momentous decision and change the course of their lives.
69 Alex and Alice resist Albert’s efforts to take them back, and explain their situation to their father.
70 While on holiday, Alex and Alice feel the pull of the Eddies and explain their dilemma to their parents.
71 The siblings have some decisions to make. Albert appears and leaves again.
72 The siblings have made their decisions.
73 The siblings meet up with Albert & Jarvis, and face a new challenge.
74 The siblings tell their parents of their plans – or at least a sanitised, easy to digest, seriously cut-down version of them.
75 The restaurant scene.
76 Alice tells Madge about the mission. Madge has an encounter with the Eddies..
77 Let’s get ready to party!
78 How to mess up a perfectly good party.
79 Albert briefs the youngsters and gives them their mission.
80 …and a new Madge appears
81 A family discussion, a temporary setback and some surprising suggestions.
82 Confused? You willen have be.
83 Politically correct, time after (or before, or instead of) time
84 Delicate negotiations
85 Alice spends a day on the beach
86 Alice reaches a decision
87 The deed is done; the experiment started.
88 Season finale
89 It’s a boy!
90 Zak has his fifth birthday and Albert proposes a format or his education.
91 Zak goes to school.
92 Zak hits the big one-zero.
93 Zak receives his enhancements.
94 Al is uneasy about Zak’s enhancements.
95 Madge discusses theology; Zak wants to meet his cousin.
96 Preparations for Zak’s birthday trip.
97 Zak meets his second cousin.
98 Two families meet. Xander and Kris try to explain the Dimension 8 concept of time to Alex and Alice.
99 Zak works out how to overcome the time conundrum. Al is not pleased with the outcome.
100 Albert and Jarvis are missing. Zak takes the dogs on the agility course with mixed results.
101 Alex, Alice and Zak meet up with Xander, Kris and Zara – in the land that forgot time (created by Jarvis).
102 Zak and Zara make a mental connection, but is everything as it seems?
103 A new threat?