Thursday Thing – week 18

My first thought for this weekend was to spend some time on exercise to address some of the issues I’m facing with my painting. Then I thought it might be fun to try to do something with a picture of a pair of Pygmy Falcons I took in South Africa back in 2005 – a sister shot to the one I displayed here.


Dreadful, isn’t it? On reflection. I think I should have stuck with my first idea.

Instead of that, though, I tried another landscape tutorial



17 thoughts on “Thursday Thing – week 18

  1. My suggestion is that you continue to paint and leave the art critic duties to someone else. You are in the development phase, and the term ‘dreadful’ would then be reserved for the time your work is hanging in a gallery. It should be spoken by someone who can’t see spending 5,000 pounds on an impressionist’s version of two Pygmy Falcons. I’m just sayin’

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    1. Thanks, John. If someone wants to give me five grand for any of my stuff, they can slag it off as much as they like. Or I could follow the latest trend and offer it as an NFT. You know; give me five grand and you can say it’s yours. It won’t be, but hey – we’re living in a post-truth era anyway, so who gives a … crikey, is that the time? The other thing I should probably mention, John, is that I suffer from a chronic, maybe even pathological inability to take anything seriously; but I imagine you worked that out a long time ago.

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        1. Thanks, John! Then there was the art exhibit (Portsmouth, VA) made of of bales of that the Fire Marshall closed down. Artist and gallery said hay indoors is art. Fire Marshall said hay indoors is a fire hazard. Philistine.

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