Thursday Thing – week 8


My problem is clearly fine lines. Is that because my brushes or paint are not up to it? Am I loading the brush incorrectly? Too much water? Too little water? Or is it just that I am not very good.

I’m hoping against hope that practice will make… no, not perfect. I’ll settle for competent.

I feel that I need to say something positive about this effort, so here goes…

I like the birds.

Meanwhile, this is painting number seven of ten (not to be confused with Seven of Nine, the rescued Borg drone of Star Trek Voyager and Picard fame) from The Art Sherpa’s Beginner Acrylic Painting Course that I shall attempt next week.


13 thoughts on “Thursday Thing – week 8

  1. I admire the definition you maintained. I, myself, am an over-blender. I found the right consistency and the right brush make fine lines much easier. But it is through practice we achieve the desired results. It is a really nice piece.

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