A dog’s tail


This story’s not easy to tell
Though it’s one that I know very well.
It’s like seeing a tree
When you’re bursting to pee
But it’s too far – that’s one kind of hell!

It started a long time ago.
I’m a dog, as you probably know.
When I was a puppy
My boss was a yuppy;
A self-absorbed young so-and-so.

When he took me out for a walk,
He’d always ignore me and talk
Into his damned phone
As if he were alone.
If I pulled on the lead, he’d just gawk.

One morning I thought of a plan,
A way to get back at this man.
Revenge I would get.
But I won’t tell you yet.
I’ll reveal all as soon as I can.

I decided that, out of the blue,
I’d jump up, like happy dogs do.
That might leave him prone
Then I’d grab his phone
And give the damned thing a good chew.

It causes me anguish to say
That it didn’t work out quite that way.
It shocked him indeed,
He let go of the lead
So I ran. I now live as a stray!

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 372 published on this site earlier this week.


13 thoughts on “A dog’s tail

    1. I’m happy to say the story is pure fiction. The dog pictured is Eos, a Pyrenean Sheepdog cross that we acquired from a rescue centre in France in 2016, about a year before the picture was taken. Eos is now 14 and still doing well and enjoying life with us in the north of England.

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