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Kreative Kue 368 asked for submissions based on this photograph:


John W Howell is a multiple nominated and award-winning author who blogs at Fiction Favorites. Details of John’s books can be found on his Amazon author page

The Gambet by John W. Howell © 2022

“Trevor, listen to me.”


“I’m grinning like an idiot, and the human is eating it up.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So? You dope. Now’s the time for our break.”

“What break?”

“Remember you were complaining about how you are being treated?”

“I always do that. When exactly?”

“Last night, right after you were sent to bed without a biscuit.”

“I had every right.”

“Of course you did. So that’s why I’m saying while I have this two-legger mesmerized, you go open the door.”

“Open the door? Why?”

“So we can make a run for it.”

“Then live on the streets?”

“Yeah, a couple of crazy guys living the free life.”

“Two problems with that.”

“Tell me.”

“Number one, I don’t have an opposable thumb, so I can’t open the door.”

“We can work that out. What’s the other?”

“It’s raining.”

“A little water never hurt.”

“And cold.”

“My goodness. Where’s your adventurous spirit?”

“Let me remind you, it’s almost dinner time.”

“Alright then. You come grin, and I’ll make a getaway.”

“I’ll be happy to take your food portion too.”

“Wait a minute. Who said you could do that?”

“I’m just saying. Once you’re gone, the uprights will continue to moan and groan and put your food down, hoping you’ll come back.”

“I see what you’re saying.”


“I think I’ll sit up. That’s usually a game-changer.”

“You go, boy.”

Raymond Walker offered this moving tale. Raymond is a prolific author whose main web site is at Details of Raymond’s books can be found on his Amazon author page

Rollo by Raymond Walker © 2022

What can you tell in an instant?

Before you sits a bright-eyed, content dog looking up at the rectangular box you hold in your hands. You call it a mobile phone or Cell phone, but the bright-eyed dog has no idea.

Rollo: I may not have been happy and content an hour ago, I may not have been bright eyed a week earlier? My Name is Rollo, a name given to me by my new friends. I cannot tell you wither I am named after the popular chocolate and caramel sweets, The first Viking King of Normandy or just because they liked the name. It has taken me a while to get used to it but now I recognize it. I was first called Dorin, whelped on a banking of washed-up sticks, in a pipe under a road that carried water away. My siblings and I fought for our mother’s milk before she was killed crossing the road. I remember her smell.

A mongrel, no one wanted my two sisters and two brothers until we were starving when an old man, grey haired and grey eyed who reeked of something sour and sometimes slept in the pipe collected us and walked around holding us by the scruff trying to sell us. He hit us often to stop us falling asleep, but we were small, and it was difficult to stay awake for long. No one wanted us except for a little girl who persuaded her mother to take one of my sisters away. One of my brothers, the smallest died in the pipe that night.

The old man, held us up by a car window the next day and a young man got out, gave the old man something and took us in a box to place where they hurt us, gave us pills pushed needles under our skin and hosed us with freezing water but at least they fed us. My last sister and another brother died in the process. We were put on a thing that went up in the sky and looked at again through one of the strange rectangles. Put in a cage but fed and given water every day. Till one day A girl and her mother took me away. I was very frightened, but they let me out of the cage and into a house, it was warm, and they were kind to me and fed me. I was three months old.

I am a year old now and have never seen my brother again, but I am warm and looked after and fed.  But I am now Rollo and have bright eyes and a tail that wags.


My effort was:

Look into my eyes

“Are you sitting comfortably?”

“I am.”

“Then I’ll begin. I want you to look into my eyes, but I know your full focus area is very small and you can’t concentrate on both eyes at once, so—”

“Should I pick one eye or look at them both alternately?”

“No, I don’t want you to pick an eye and I certainly don’t want you switching randomly from side to side. What I want you to do is to concentrate on my nasion—”

“Your what?”

“My nasion.”

“What’s that?”

“I’ll tell you. It’s the midline bony depression between the eyes where the frontal and two nasal bones meet.”

“That bit there?”

“Fingers off! Yes, that ‘bit’ as you put it. Now please stop asking dumb questions and listen to me, otherwise you may find out that the word ‘bit’ has another meaning.”

“Sorry. All ears.”

“Thank you. Now please concentrate on my nasion. Don’t let your focus; visual or mental; stray from that.”

“You know you have smelly breath, right?”

“I am familiar with the term ‘dog breath’. My advice? Get over it. If you did but know it, you don’t smell so good to us. Ready?”




“Good. You must be aware that I, in common with most reasonably intelligent dogs, can read your mind. How do you think I know when you’re thinking about walkies or dinner or bedtime before you say a single word? Your mind is like an open book to me. More than that; it’s like: you know when you watch one of those videos on Facebook and automatically generated subtitles are displayed along the bottom? Yeah, like that, only without the errors. Our sense is better developed than the AI’s.”

“You know about artificial intelligence?”

“Of course I know about AIs. Now shut up and listen. As much as I am aware of your thoughts, that’s not all there is to it. I can plant thoughts in your mind.”

“That I don’t believe.”

“Yes, I can. I’ve been doing it for ages. It’s not always your idea to go for a walk; and do you suppose those occasions when you randomly decide to feed me earlier than usual…”

“That’s you?”

“Yup. That’s me. Now. The nasion.”

“The nasion. Got it.”

“Know this. There are things I know that you know that I know. And there are things you know that I know you know, and I know because you know. You know? There are also things I know that you don’t know I know. Granted, there are some things I don’t know that you don’t know I don’t know, but they don’t matter. Not at the moment, anyway. With me so far?”

“Not really, no.”

“Let’s pretend you are, shall we? You’ll catch up eventually; and if not – meh.”

“Is he involved in this, too?”

Don’t look at Trevor – he’s only a Terrier. He knows nothing and he doesn’t have my abilities. Look at my nasion and concentrate hard. Stare at it as though there’s something very tiny but very important in the middle of it. Now hold on to something; I’m sending information to you — now! Oh. I was afraid of that. It’s more than your mind can take. I’ll leave you to sleep for a while to give your brain time to assimilate it all.”


“What happened? Hang on. Did you do this to me, Elise?”

“Do what, Boss?”

“Well, suddenly I know stuff I didn’t know before. And what I know is frightening. We’re doing it all wrong. The whole human race. David Attenborough was right all along. What was the hopeful thing he said recently? ‘If working apart we are a force powerful to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it.’  And only we humans can undo the mess we humans have made. And I need to get involved.”

“Stick with me, Boss. I’ll be your guide.”


Using this photo as inspiration, write a short story, flash fiction, scene, poem; anything, really; even just a caption for the photograph. Either put it (or a link to it) in a comment or email it to me at before 6pm on Sunday (if you aren’t sure what the time is where I live, this link will tell you). If you post it on your own blog or site, a link to this page would be appreciated, but please do also mention it in a comment here.

Go on. You know you want to. Let your creativity and imagination soar. I shall display the entries next time.

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