I heard mother say to the Master last night
That walking two dogs is like flying a kite.
I simply don’t know where she gets that idea,
It seems more like knitting, as I shall make clear.

I want you to stand there like Great Uncle Gaston
Whilst I move out thusly… and that’s how we cast on.
Next, you still do nothing; you know what? Just sit.
I’ll circle around you, and voilà – a knit.

Pass under my lead, and I’ll give a twirl
Then come back behind you, thus making a purl.
Then run to the back as fast as you’re able,
I’ll take up position and create a cable.

We know that you limp, whilst I have my twitches
But working together, we’ll make some fine stitches.
Run like for cable but stand still again
Whilst I dive beneath you and hey: There’s a chain!

We’re making good progress; no time to be sitting
We’re not simply walking, we’re doing some knitting.
The length of our walk there’s no reason to stop;
We might make a slip, but never a drop!

You know I would not pull the wool o’er your eyes
I’ve known you a long time, you’re really quite wise
And now you can see, just as I thought you might
That knitting is more fun than flying a kite.

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 359 published on this site.


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