International Limericks 33

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As an exercise in mental masochism, I shall attempt to produce, in strict alphabetic sequence, a limerick based on the name of each of the 193 member-states of the United Nations* (using the short name as commonly used in UK English, abbreviated where it is common practice or makes it easier).

* from the official list available on-line on 5th July, 2021. The addition or removal of countries during the course of this exercise will not be reflected Changes of name will only be reflected if it is in my interests to do so.

Comments or implied comments about countries, including those of a geographical nature, are often the result of my struggle to find a set of words that will satisfy the rhythmic and metric requirements of the format. As such, they don’t necessarily reflect my experiences or opinions, or indeed any form of reality.

Let me know what you think.


A wealthy young woman called Heather
Was stretched to the end of her tether.
She’d no longer stay
At home in UK;
Why not? Unpredictable weather.


It seemed like a splendid idea
To send some rare birds to Korea.
Till the flight from a zoo
In the north of Peru
Crash landed in south Tanzania.


My son lives in the USA,
I’ve not seen him for many a day.
I frequently look
At his page on Facebook
And that really is all I can say.


Have you ever had warm apple pie
On the ocean front in Uruguay?
Are you ever frantic
To see the Atlantic
Without ever knowing quite why?


Stanley Wallace, a handsome young man
And a mate of my sailor fried Dan
Bizarrely broke cover
And spoke of his lover.
Now I must know, Uzbekistan?


On the full flag of Vanuatu
There’s a boar’s tusk and cycad leaves two
Red, yellow and green
And black can be seen
But it does not contain any blue…

Bear with me - almost there.

17 thoughts on “International Limericks 33

  1. I like the one where you said
    the weather filled you with dread
    with rain every day
    it’s just not your way
    to sunnier climes then you tread

    Sorry, it’s contagious!

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