International Limericks 26

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As an exercise in mental masochism, I shall attempt to produce, in strict alphabetic sequence, a limerick based on the name of each of the 193 member-states of the United Nations* (using the short name as commonly used in UK English, abbreviated where it is common practice or makes it easier). 

* from the official list available on-line on 5th July, 2021. The addition or removal of countries during the course of this exercise will not be reflected Changes of name will only be reflected if it is in my interests to do so.

Comments or implied comments about countries, including those of a geographical nature, are often the result of my struggle to find a set of words that will satisfy the rhythmic and metric requirements of the format. As such, they don’t necessarily reflect my experiences or opinions, or indeed any form of reality.

Let me know what you think.



In twenty-sixteen we did see
What UK folk wanted to be.
In an act of near-mania
I voted Romania,
But it’s spelt with an o, not an e.


From Moscow to Vladivostok
The Russian train runs like a clock.
The only criteria
When you’re in Siberia
Is don’t post your stuff to Tick-Tock.


I climbed in the clapped-out old Honda
That I swapped for my pet anaconda.
It was green, rust and pink
And I never did think
It would get all the way to Rwanda.


When we got to Saint Kitts and Nevis,
Some villains there tried to relieve us
Of all of our cash,
My head they did bash,
And left a wound I would call grievous.


The flowers grown in Windward Isles
Are the finest that I’ve seen by miles.
I’ve heard that the fuschia
They grow in Saint Lucia
Are the source of a plethora of smiles.


Jo Harrington studied her genes
Kept her busy through most of her teens.
Her friend Henry Pinsent
Had links to Saint Vincent;
Jo’s roots were in the Grenadines.

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