International Limericks 19

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As an exercise in mental masochism, I shall attempt to produce, in strict alphabetic sequence, a limerick based on the name of each of the 193 member-states of the United Nations* (using the short name as commonly used in UK English, abbreviated where it is common practice or makes it easier). 

* from the official list available on-line on 5th July, 2021. The addition or removal of countries or changes of name during the course of this exercise will not be reflected.

Comments or implied comments about countries, including those of a geographical nature, are often the result of my struggle to find a set of words that will satisfy the rhythmic and metric requirements of the format. As such, they don’t necessarily reflect my experiences or opinions, or indeed any form of reality.

Let me know what you think.



To drive from Tallinn to Romania
You have to go through Lithuania.
What ever you do
Don’t leave the EU,
You’ll get tied up in miscellanea.


Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy
Which seems to make some folk quite touchy.
It’s quite a nice ‘hood
When the weather is good,
But stay out if it becomes slutchy.


Climb aboard one of our ancient steamers,
Then we’ll go ashore to find lemurs
In fair Madagascar
You may have to ask her
For coffee with non-dairy creamers.


East Africa has some great highlands
As well as some seasonal dry lands.
There’s a map of Langkawi;
In Blantyre, Malawi –
But otherwise, precious few islands.


If you go north from Australasia
You might just hit land in Malaysia.
The current might squeeze ya
Between Indonesia
And other parts of South-East Asia.


There’s a market for fine silk kerchieves
Among rich tourists in the Maldives
They’re highly desired;
Their patterns inspired;
But keep your eyes open for thieves.


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