Limericks from prompts 15

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Limerick, a popular form of short, humorous verse that is often nonsensical and frequently ribald. It consists of five lines, rhyming aabba, and the dominant metre is anapestic, with two metrical feet in the third and fourth lines and three feet in the others. Encyclopaedia Britannica

A series of limericks produced in response to various prompts. 

Where any prompt contains exactly five letters, I may attempt an acrostic limerick based on that word (or a pair in the case of ten-letter prompts).

Let me know what you think.



for Kristian (

A comely young wench called Louise
Said, “Look at the shape of my knees.
They used to be knobbly
But now they’re just wobbly.
Come on, love, and give them a squeeze.”


for Kristian (

On holiday, we travel east;
We fly for eight hours, at least.
At home for two years
In line with our peers,
Our carbon footprint has decreased.


for Kristian (

It’s ludicrous you should still think
That writing must always use ink
Haven’t you seen
The books now on screen?
So, wise up, and just swim… or sync!


for Kristian (

Whenever I hear talk of sports,
The thought makes me feel out of sorts.
The mention of hurdling
Is really bloodcurdling.
I don’t even own any shorts!


for Kristian (

Whilst my mate his cottage was thatching,
He witnessed some falcon eggs hatching.
“Cor, blimey,” he said,
“They’ve the same colour head;
And even their hairstyles are matching!”


for Kristian (

My Dad said I could be a winner
If only I’d make myself thinner.
I thought for a while,
Then said with a smile,
“Forget that – what’s Mum made for dinner?”

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