International Limericks 14

© Can Stock Photo & damedeeso used with permission

As an exercise in mental masochism, I shall attempt to produce, in strict alphabetic sequence, a limerick based on the name of each of the one hundred and ninety-three member-states of the United Nations* (using the short name as commonly used in UK English, abbreviated where it is common practice or makes it easier). Each Wednesday will see a handful of such limericks, until I have addressed them all.

* according to the official list available on-line on 5th July, 2021. The addition or removal of countries or changes of name during the course of this exercise will not be reflected.

Comments or implied comments about countries, including of a geographical nature, are often the result of my struggle to find a set of words that will satisfy the rhythmic and metric requirements of the format. As such, they don’t necessarily reflect my experiences or opinions, or indeed any form of reality.

Let me know what you think.



I got on a train in Kampala
And slept after drinking masala.
Right down to this day,
I really can’t say
How I ended up in Guatemala.


West Africa’s Guinea’s a land,
Where sometimes things get out of hand.
In old-fashioned billing,
One pound and one shilling
Was known as a guinea. How grand!


To cover a great deal of ground,
Ultra-fast means of transport abound.
But in Guinea-Bissau
An auto rickshaw
Is the quickest way to get around.


There once was a woman called Dana
Who wanted to go to Guyana.
Although she was frantic
To cross the Atlantic
She wound up, somehow, in Botswana


A nonagenarian, Katy
Had a bucket list since she was eighty.
She’d covered them all
Till she suffered a fall
Getting out of an aircraft in Haiti.


Astronomers down in Honduras
Have telescopes trained on Arcturus.
They think that coyotes
All came from Boötes.
Or that’s what they try to assure us.

Anyone care to join in?

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