Random Limericks 45

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Limerick, a popular form of short, humorous verse that is often nonsensical and frequently ribald. It consists of five lines, rhyming aabba, and the dominant metre is anapestic, with two metrical feet in the third and fourth lines and three feet in the others. Encyclopaedia Britannica

A series of (non-acrostic) limericks produced in response to various prompts.

These will appear on Saturday mornings wherever possible.

Let me know what you think.



for Kristian – https://talesfromthemindofkristian.wordpress.com/2021/06/26/patiently/

I wait patiently in the queue
To buy tickets to visit the zoo.
When I get to the front,
To be perfectly blunt,
I forget what I went there to do!


for Kristian – https://talesfromthemindofkristian.wordpress.com/2021/06/27/controversy/

I made a mistake, I’m to blame;
I know life can ne’er be the same.
I don’t deserve mercy
Just more controversy.
I’ll live with my head hung in shame.

Said no politician ever!


for Kristian – https://talesfromthemindofkristian.wordpress.com/2021/06/28/revealing/

It may be a tad too revealing
To ask someone how they are feeling.
I tried it one time
With a girlfriend of mine.
She said there’s a crack in the ceiling..


for Kristian – https://talesfromthemindofkristian.wordpress.com/2021/07/01/prayer/

I am told that the power of prayer
Is real, that there is someone there.
If the answer is no,
It just goes to show
Your question is wrong – don’t despair.

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