Making a meal of it


“Mum, Mum! Look what I found! Can I eat it?”

“What is it, Simon?”

“Don’t know, Mum. But can I eat it? Come and see.”

“Where did you find it?”

“On the grass. There’s loads of them. Can I eat it?”

“Let me see. Oh, yes. That’s a dried mealworm.”

“Mealworm? Ptah! We don’t eat worms!”

“You’re right. Apart from anything else, that would put us in competition with the blackbirds, and you won’t want to take on any of them!”

“So what is it?”

“It’s the larva of a mealworm beetle.”

“What – like a caterpillar?”

“Kind of.”

“Mmm. I like caterpillars.”

“Who doesn’t?”

“But, why is it called a worm if it isn’t one?”

“Because humans are stupid.”

“Why are they dried, though, Mum? Wouldn’t they be better alive and wriggling, like proper caterpillars?”

“Because they turn into beetles very quickly – sometimes after only a few days. Drying them stops that happening.”

“So does that mean I can eat it, Mum?”

“I’m not sure, Simon. Give it to me. Let Mummy check it first.”


“Yeah [gulp], that’s fine.”

“MUM! You ate it!”

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 310 published on this site.

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