Acrostic Limericks 33

© Can Stock Photo & damedeeso used with permission

Many examples of acrostic poems can be found scattered around the web (where the first letter of each line spells out a word when read from top to bottom), but I have found very few examples of acrostic Limericks.

I now look out for prompts that contain five letters (or ten, fifteen or… let’s not get ahead of ourselves, eh?). I may add the odd one of my own, too.

Let me know what you think.

Just one this week:


For Kristian (

From the first day I met you I knew
I‘d be having real trouble with you.
Consider the way
That you led me astray;
It was almost like – well, déjà vu.

The story you told me? Fictitious;
In fact it was likely pernicious.
Only I still don’t get it,
Unless you reset it
Somebody is surely suspicious.


For Kristian (

By the food that you’re eating it looks
Like you’re mixing with second class cooks.
Of the options on show,
One way you can go,
Might be buying some recipe books.


For Esther (

For a while, I believed my friend Trevor;
I thought I could go on for ever.
For years it felt nifty
To stop work at fifty.
You did it? I wasn’t that clever.

Anyone care to join in?

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        1. I would have enjoyed a larger pension had I stayed at it, but my employer had changed so much and I didn’t think I could take another decade of the new setup. Besides, our pensions are enough to support the life we now lead, which is what matters.


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