Acrostic Limericks 8

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Some time ago, I was looking at acrostic poems  — I was interested in rhyming verse where the first letter of each line spells out a word when read from top to bottom. Many examples of these can be found scattered around the web, but I have found very few examples of acrostic Limericks.

That is something we need to address, isn’t it?

And so I have started to look out for prompts that contain five letters (or ten, fifteen or… let’s not get ahead of ourselves, eh?). I may add the odd one of my own, too.

Let me know what you think.


(for Kristian –

Sylvester looked tired on his hike
I sold him my old mountain bike.
Good job there’s no rain,
He’d have to explain
That it doesn’t have brakes. What’s he like?


(for Kristian –

First chance I get, I’ll go shopping.
It’s down to the market I’m popping.
Someone will cry
Tomorrow, you’ll see the price dropping.


(for Esther –

Toast for breakfast is quite alimental
Or for lunch would not be detrimental.
Some like it for tea
Though that could be termed incidental.

Anyone else care to join in?

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