Things are looking up

two dogs and one woman looking up

I saw Mum was looking up high
Her eyes pointing into the sky
But what could we do?
Maybe we should look too
My little mate Shitsu and I.

If my old pal Flash was still here
He’d be able to see it, that’s clear
He’s a greyhound, you see
Unlike Shitsu and me
He could see anything far and near.

Thing is, I’m a Terrier, I dig
And Shitsu is not very big
But something is there
Way up in the air
And it’s making Mum do a wee jig.

So here is the thing that we need
If we want our new quest to succeed
Never mind flee or fight
We need some more height
And we need it without a nosebleed.

You may think this rhyme is absurd
As if dogs could act like a bird
Perhaps I’ll just jump
And look like a chump
But when push comes to shove, Mum’s the word

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 272 published on this site.

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