You know that I think your dog’s great
(When she’s safely behind your front gate)
Well, it seems that she’s out
And wandering about
And I think she wants me for her plate

There’s no need for you to feel dread
It’s well after ten, she’s been fed
She’s in a good mood
She’s well stuffed with food
Just leave her, she’ll go to her bed

Sincerely, I do beg your pardon
But your precious is now in my garden
I’ve had to scamper
On top of my camper
And the climb up that ladder’s a hard ‘un.

Let me tell you a thing ’bout my pet
As a Staffy, she’s soft as you’ll get
She’s cuddly and warm
And never does harm.
Come down from your perch and don’t fret.

I hear what you’re saying to me, Ma’am
And I know how you love your wee lamb
I will feel better
As soon as you get her
Till then, I’ll stay right where I am.

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 270 published on this site.

11 thoughts on “Hounded

    1. Thanks, John. There was a woman living close to us in the early years of this century who had a labrador who charged out of her house and mounted an attack against our two – a yellow lab and a greyhound. The woman apologised and said her dog had never done anything like that before. A few months later (copy and paste the last two sentences)!

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      1. Yes. We have one of those. Her yorkie runs over to Twiggy while Twiggy is on a leash. She comes running with the same words. I finally said, “This is the fourth time she hasn’t done that sort of thing to me.” The woman huffed away.

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