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Bernice Reed, a thirty-something African-American woman from Arizona, appeared in the street of a small Canadian town some two hundred years in her future in the body of a white male. She, or rather he was totally naked. Arrested for public indecency and thrown in a cell, he/she was rescued by Jonas, a worker with the Homeless and Transients Union.

Now known as Bernie, he quickly settled into a high-tech life. But it didn’t end there! Not by any means.​Any change to the ‘past’ after her/his translation would (and did) rewrite the future – his present.

And then it became more complicated…

Bernice is available on Kindle UK  US FREE 29-31 May

Kena Nchango was born in a small village in East Africa that lived through massive changes.

The daughter of a shaman, her early life was unexceptional. Until, that is, progress reached the area and with it education. Kena’s ability was recognised and brought opportunities that she did not squander.

From shaman’s daughter to student to locally famous counsellor and internationally feted academic and with more than her share of highs and lows, this is Kena’s story.

Kena’s story is available on Kindle (US here) FREE 2-4 June

Ten-year-old Alexander Grahamson was chatting with his great uncle Albert in the garden of the family home.

Albert lived in an old shepherd’s hut at the bottom of the grounds. Albert opened the door to his hut and invited Alex in. As he passed through the door, Alex saw that the hut was much bigger inside than outside, and asked Albert how that worked.

“I can’t tell you that, lad,” the old man explained, “and there’s a reason I can’t tell you how it works.”

Thus began a series of adventures involving dogs, a lost sibling and worlds that a boy of ten couldn’t even dream of. Adventures across space and time. Adventures that introduced the boy to temporal paradoxes, trans-dimensional jaunts – and slugs.

Hybrids is available on Kindle  (US here) FREE 6-8 June

Commander Meredith Winstanley and Lieutenant Commander Tarquin Stuart-Lane, generally regarded as the poshest of those who had purchased commissions in the Royal Space Regiment, had been selected by a ballot of their peers for a special mission to the moon.
Their brief was to find out for how long two people could survive on that dead world in an artificial habitat that they were to construct themselves, in situ, from materials they had with them. To allow them to take as much food and equipment as possible, with a view to extending their stay, their craft carried only enough fuel for a one-way journey. That, according to the brief, was also necessary because their craft would form an essential part of the habitat they were to construct.

When they reached the point in the mission where their return was indicated, the higher-ups said they might send someone to collect them.

What happens next no-one was prepared for.

Making Merry is available on Kindle (US here) FREE 10-12 June

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