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I don’t know quite what I expected
When I heard that my Mum was infected,
I was ever so sad
That Mummy was bad
And afraid that I might be neglected.

I must admit I was dejected
When she said that to keep me protected
She’d send me away
With neighbours to stay
So that I would not be affected.

To what horrors would I be subjected?
Would my needs be fully respected?
I felt cast aside
When the neighbour’s kid cried,
You could say I felt disaffected.

The little kid went uncorrected
So I did something quite undirected
I stayed in my place
Looked him straight in the face
And used the trick I had perfected

Now, all things are interconnected
And this baby never suspected
That although he’s neurotic
My gaze was hypnotic
And his anger would soon be deflected.

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 263 published on this site.

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