This golf ball is so flipping large
To bring it here needed a barge
What made it much worse
I’d forgotten my purse
So how could I pay the surcharge?

I shouted across to my caddie
“Just pay the wee man will you, laddie?”
He looked a bit dumb
Then said to his Mum
“Can I have an alternative Daddy?”

His Mum said, “Don’t be such a chump,
You wanted to come to this dump,
Defy your old Dad
And he’ll only get mad,
You know what he’s like with the hump.”

His reticence firmly unmasked
He paid what the bargemaster asked
I said, “That’s the way,
Just do as I say,
Exactly as you have been tasked.”

And so I play golf on the shore
Round in sixty, and not a shot more.
It beats water-skiing
In the Caribbean
And my final word shall be – FORE!

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 254 published on this site.

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