Dogged determination


It’s at times like this that I begin to understand why mountain dogs are the size they are. You know, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, the Bernese and the Barnyard – sorry, I meant Saint Bernard. I mean, they can stand in it and not get lost every other foot.

I know that I buried a bone somewhere around here last week and now I want it. Do you think I can find it? Not a chance. I remember exactly where it is; it’s right next to the little rockery. Question is, where is the rockery?

I’d be alright if it was a mouse and not the bone. Why? Mice move, don’t they? I saw a thing where a big bird, some sort of owl, could hear a mouse moving under more than a foot of snow and catch it. And if a stoopid bird can do that with a face full of feathers and no proper ears as far as I can see, well; it’d be easy for me. I have terrific hearing and ears that I can kind of direct and focus to where the sound is. If it’s easy for the owl, it’d be a breeze for me. Everybody knows how good a dog’s hearing is. I just need something to move.

Birds can’t sniff things out like we dogs can, either. No nose, see? Just a couple of holes at the top of their beak, and what use is that?

So there we have it. Better hearing, better sniffing, and don’t get me started on intelligence. Sure, I know everybody talks about the wise old owl, but they’re not, are they? Wise, I mean. They’re more like cats. Thick. Driven by instinct. How often do you see cats thinking through things? I’ll tell you, you don’t. That’s because cats are hunters, not scavengers. All you have to do to be a hunter is to be faster and stronger than your prey. It’s much harder when you have to look for feeding opportunities and work things out. Cats and owls can’t do that, not the way dogs and vultures have to. I know what you’re thinking; I get food regularly from my humans. But the abilities and instincts are still there.

But that’s not getting me my bone, is it? Keep watching, though, and I’ll show you what I mean by intelligence. I’m going to sniff and snuffle around here. I’ll keep an eye out for either of my humans and when they look my way, I’ll start whining. I think a frustrated one will work better than a cold one, especially if I yap a bit and occasionally look at them.

Here comes one now. Watch what happens when I whine and yap…

“Oh, poor baby. Are you looking for something?”

[whine, yap yap]

“What is it? You want me to help you?”

[yap yap whine, yap yap]

“Let me get a shovel to move some of this snow away. Will that help you find it?”

[yap yap]

“Okay. Hang on, I’ll be back soon.”


This was written in response to Kreative Kue 250 published on this site.

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