Honky-tonk Woman


“Can’t this thing go any faster, Dick?”

“I wish. I’m at full throttle, but this headwind is slowing us down.”

“Isn’t it affecting them, too?”

“You’d think, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I would. That’s why I suggested it. Duh!”

“Don’t pick on me. Look. I’m no expert, but I believe—”

“And how is religion going to help?”

“If you’d let me finish… I believe they can modify the profile of their wings; move the feathers or something; so they can take advantage of the changing conditions.”

“And we can’t? What’s that stick you’re holding for?”

“That changes our attitude. Would that I had one to change yours.”

“Ahaha, ahaha, ahaha. Just get a shift on, can you?”

“I am pushing her as hard as I can. Just give me a break. What’s the hurry, anyway?”

“The light’s starting to fail. From what I’ve read, these blighters are likely to land for the night when we still think it’s daylight.”

“That’s true. But what’s the problem with that?”

“Won’t they land on water?”

“Maybe. Maybe they’ll land on wetlands but not on water. Or they might put down on dry land.”

“And the likelihood is?”

“Water or wetlands.”

“And can we put this thing down on water or wetlands?”

“Duh. Obviously not – we don’t have skids.”

“So what will we do if they land somewhere we can’t?”

“We’ll land close by and take off as soon as they do in the morning.”

“But what if we’re too late?”

“If we’re too late they’ll migrate without us. What’s the problem, anyway? Why are you so keen to catch up with them?”

“See that one third from the left?”

“The one that looks like one wing’s smaller than the other one?”

“That’s the one.”

“What about it?”

“That’s my wife. I want to catch her up and get her back home so my mother can turn her back into a human being again.”

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 235 published on this site.

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