Let me try to explain it again.
I just want to get on the plane.
I need some hot sun
Some booze and some fun
I want to fly southwards to Spain.

My needs are really quite plain
I’m not after personal gain
I’m up for some loving
So please quit your shoving
And I can’t take much more bloody rain.

My money’s gone straight down the drain
I think I’d be quicker by train.
A ship with one mast
Would get there as fast
It’s starting to drive me insane.

From flying perhaps I’ll abstain
Do something in similar vein.
Oh! Let’s go there by jeep,
That should be quite cheap.
Though it does go a bit ‘gainst the grain

Enough of this extravaganza
Much more of this rhyming bonanza
And I’ll soon need a nurse
Or a man in a hearse
Perhaps I’ll call this the last stanza

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 225 published on this site.

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