Okay, let me try to explain it again.

The angle on top of the post is carefully calculated to be twenty-three point four degrees – exactly matching the planet’s axial tilt.

I’m coming to that; the coefficient of friction between the glass and the post’s surface is precisely two per cent more than is necessary to resist the pull of gravity when the glass is empty.

Yes, that’s very important. When it’s— Let me finish, please. When the glass is full, there’s more gravity pulling it down than across the sloping surface— Thank you for that. Yes, it’s because its centre of gravity is closer to the centre of the post. The problem comes when the glass’s centre of gravity falls outside the top of the post.

I’m glad you asked that. The angle of the handle is important, as it has an effect on the overall c of g of the glass.

C of g means centre of gravity. I’m just trying to save saying the same thing too often.

Okay, if you prefer. The angle of the handle is important, as it has an effect on the overall centre of gravity of the glass. Better?

Now. Here’s the fascinating part. Every time a fighter jet passes over; which, incidentally, they’re not supposed to do as this is a designated no-fly zone, although these Top-Gun types seem to live as though the normal rules don’t apply to them; but when one does pass over, it sets up a sympathetic vibration.

No, I don’t know why it’s called sympathetic, and I have no idea what it’s actually sympathetic to; not me, that’s for sure. That vibration affects the stiction that holds the glass in place causing the vessel to slide gracefully towards the lower edge of the platform.


No, there isn’t a plane anywhere near.

Why is it wha… Oh, bugger!

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 224 published on this site.

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    1. Not as exciting as it looks, John. I was seated in front of a large group of members of the Hawk Conservancy, updating them on the (then-fledgeling) web site I had built. The glass was water to keep my tongue smaller than my mouth – not an easy task when I have to speak to a large group!

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  1. The more I look the weirder it gets. And I’m not sure if the thing behind the seated gentleman’s head is a meat safe attached to a pole or a door into the wooden building. The universe, with it’s c of g, is certainly a strange place.


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