“How long have you known?”

“Not long, Bro, just a couple of weeks.”

“But you’ve suspected it—”

“For about six months.”

“Why have you left it until now to say anything?”

“Couple of reasons, really. Firstly, it was only a suspicion; I didn’t have any evidence, leave alone proof…”

“And secondly?”

“Didn’t think it was my place.”

“But I’m your brother!”

“Even so.”

“What’s that supposed to mean – even so? Even so what?”

“Look. If I’d come to you when I first picked up on the rumours and presented it as facts, what would you have done?”

“Looked into it? What do you think I would have done. If you’d given me what you had and made clear it was just rumours with nothing to back them up, I would at least have been prepared.”

“Yeah, right. You would have been on the lookout for any behaviour that might possibly substantiate the rumours.”


“You know how rich diagramming works, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“And if you’re diagramming a complex system, what symbol do you always put in one of the top corners?”

“An eye.”


“Obviously because by observing something you have an effect on it.”

“And that is because?”

“That’s because if there are people involved, they will act differently if they suspect that they are being observed.”

“Thank you. I think you’ve made my point precisely.”

“You think I can’t observe something without the people involved suspecting it?”

“I don’t think it, I know it.”

“But now I know about it, and it’s not just a rumour any longer, it shouldn’t matter if I’m caught observing.”

“Now you know, you don’t need to observe. Now you know, you can deal with it head-on.”

“Is that what you think I should do?”

“No, I don’t, but I know how rubbish you are at this sort of thing, so you might just as well.”

“No. Thanks for telling me, Bro, but I’ll try to ignore it. She’ll be disappointed if I don’t act surprised, especially after she’s worked so hard to organise it for me!”

“Happy birthday, Bro.  I think she’s about to ask the DJ to announce that what you thought was a fundraiser is, in fact, your birthday party! Brace yourself.”


This was written in response to Kreative Kue 220 published on this site.

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