The trials of a display falconer


An Eagle Owl known here as Duffy
Had ear-tufts at once long and fluffy,
He’d to any trick
For a morsel of chick;
Forget it, and he got quite huffy.

For treats, he’d go where e’er he’s led
As long as he’s properly fed,
But who knew the reason
In his breeding season
He’d mate with the falconer’s head.

As if on a definite cue-in
Some kid would shout, “Hey, what’s he doin’?”
But the handler played dumb
And replied, “Ask your Mum”
As another display falcon flew in.

You think that the falcon was easy?
He’d be gone if the weather was breezy
And the falcon’s religion
Involved hunting pigeon
Which always made some people queasy.

Now, if it should fancy its luck
And choose to hunt down a duck,
Somebody would shout,
“Go stop it, you lout.”
Its trainer’s reply? “Will I heck!”

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 209 published on this site.


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