A bird in the hand…


I found this little bird
And I know it sounds absurd
But I caught her eating berries from a bush
She pooped when I first held her
I could tell the fruit was elder
By the colour of what came out of her tush

She’s a black cap, I can see
Juvenile, she has to be
Yes, I know that by the colour of her head
It’ll go black when she’s older
Just the top, not from her shoulder.
If I’d left her in the tree she might be dead.

I grabbed her on a hunch
That the hawk was after lunch
Did I say a hawk was clearly on the hunt?
Some words I mustn’t use
So a better one I’ll choose
Let’s just say a rescue seemed well worth a punt.

I’m aware I’ve saved her bacon
By the chance that I have taken
But I must decide what we should do with her
If it’s safe to set her free
Then I think we’ll all agree
I should do it now, and not succumb to dither.

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 205 published on this site recently.


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