Looking down

“What do you think, Boss? Are you ready for her?”

“Bring me the book, and open it to her profile page.”


“Let me see… good enough life; brought up four kids, mostly on her own—”

“That’s no mean feat, and they turned out alright, didn’t they?”

“Mostly, it seems.”

“Anything negative?”

“You looking for excuses to send her downstairs?”

“No, of course not. But you know what he’s like. If we overlook something – even by accident…”

“Nothing I can see. Active; sporty – loved skiing before her hip gave out; helped out at church functions; taught little kids—”

“What about that business with that bloke? Went on for a long time.”

“Do you want me to revisit the relationship you had with that prostitute?

“Must you always bring that up? How many times do I have to tell you – nothing happened!”

“So you say, lad. So you say. But I’ll keep bringing that up as long as you keep harping on about people being less than perfect in their relationships. For your sake! People have emotions. People form relationships. Most work out but some don’t. If even you couldn’t get it right every time, how can you expect them to?”

“Okay, okay. Let’s take it as read that the relationship isn’t an issue. What you’re saying, then is that she’s okay to come home.”

“Yes I am. The next question is the one you asked first. Am I ready for her? Or, to put it another way, is she ready to come home?”

“And are her loved ones down there ready for her to come home?”

“One thing at a time. What is her life like now?”

“Mostly happy, I think. Certainly she is today. She’s on holiday, being looked after by her eldest.”

“So why is she on her own in that car park?”

“The youngsters have climbed a steep hill to look at a viaduct or something.”

“That’s nice.”

“Yeah. They’ll be back down soon, then they’re talking about having lunch in the town at the bottom of the hill.”

“So, for the time being, she’s okay. No pain?”

“Some, but it’s managed and she’s coping with it”

“Great. So we’ll hold off for a while. But keep a close eye on her, okay?”

“I’ll put my best man on it. He knows what to look out for.”

“Good. I hate this business. I want to call her, like I want to call everyone, before life becomes intolerable. Trouble is, they’ve got the technologies now to keep the poor sods going long after they should be gone. “

“This one’s not there yet, though, surely.”

“No. She should be good for a few years yet, but please – have your man keep an eye on her. Don’t let her suffer.”

“Then pick a good time; right?”

“There’s no such thing as a good time; you know that. Especially not for her loved ones.”

“What about the job she was sent down to do?”

“We can’t mention that whilst she’s still there. If downstairs catches on she’s one of ours…well, you know him and his obstacles.”

“Indeed. We’ll talk about it when she’s back?”

“Nope. She won’t know.”

“So how do we measure success?”

“The human race hasn’t wiped itself out yet, has it?”

“But how long can we keep running interference operations to prevent total self-annihilation?”

“As long as it takes, lad. As long as it takes.”

This was written in response to Kreative Kue 201 published on this site recently. As I am currently having issues with internet connectivity, there will be no further Kreative Kues until after my return from the Christmas break.


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