I Challenge You To…

This week, Esther is looking for favourite songs or music artists


This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:

Favourite songs/music artists

Last week’s theme was favourite books. They clearly mean a lot to you. Some of the pieces are here, while you’ll find others by following the links:

Keith Channing

A handful of my favourite books
Have made it to the screen
If you’ll allow, I’ll start right now,
I’ll try to set the scene:

‘A Game of Thrones’ from Ice and Fire
The Twilight Zones close to the wire
Sweet Jessica Jones, sometimes draconian
And, of course, Bones (from the Smithsonian)

Super-heroes by the score
Cops and spies and sleuths galore
All my faves, from classics to Sci-Fi
Are on my Kindle (thanks to WiFi)
With so many volumes to be read
It’s a wonder I’m ever out of bed!

MWS R Writing




Melanie B Cee


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