I Challenge You To…

This week, Esther’s challenge is to write about Favourite Foods. At last, a tasteful subject!


This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:

Favourite foods

Last week’s theme was kids.You sent in some super pieces. Some are here, while you’ll find others by following the links:

Keith Channing

Be a love and pass me my slippers
Let’s sit back and breakfast on kippers
After next to no sleep
Black pudding’ll keep
But just keep it away from the nippers.



EDC Writing

Oh no, it’s our daughter and the kids
quick behind the sofa, let’s pretend we’re not in
that damn bell, why do they ring so much
hey, careful there watch what you touch
mind you, while we’re here
what you do mean, you’d rather let the kids in!


The most wanted counsellor
could not convince her kids
to eat breakfast.

One more:

Busy parents
stabilising the future
angry kids
rebelling for…

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