Call me a cab

“What’s your sister doing, Shereen?”

“Holding her hand up for a bus, Momma, so we can get you home after your appointment.”

“Where’re we at now?”

“Broadway and West 58th.”

“When’d you last see a bus on West 58th?”

“There has to be one, Momma. Them buses run every hour, by rights.”

“Last time I see a bus anywhere near Broadway was around nineteen-fifty!”

“That was only about a half hour ago!”

“I’m talking about the year, girl, not the time.”



“Momma says there ain’t no bus going past here.”

“I know that, Sher. Ain’t been no bus here in my lifetime. Yours neither.”

“So what’re you doing, waving like that?”

“Ain’t it obvious? I’m hailing a cab.”

“She says she’s hailing a cab, Momma.”

“I know that. I heard her. I’m blind, not deaf. What’s the time now?”


“I said the time, not the year.”

“That is the time. It’s just gone eight.”

“So why didn’t you say that?”

“I did, just in military time.”

“You’ve changed since you signed up for the military after nine-eleven, Sher. You’re not the same girl any more.”

“We all changed after nine-eleven. You didn’t see it, Momma.”

“No, but I heard it alright. Why’d they do it?”

“If we could have figured that out, we could maybe have done something to stop it. But it’s all religion and politics and you can’t talk to either, cause they’s both about what people have been told to believe, not what they know or understand.”

“This jibber-jabber ain’t getting us home, girl. Has Donna found a cab yet?”

“Not yet, Momma.”

“Why can’t she just call an Uber?”

“It’s only twenty-oh-two, Momma. Uber won’t exist for another seven years.”

“Well, I can’t wait that long to get home; you father’ll be expecting his dinner.”

“Yes, Momma. Here comes one now. Donna!”

“I see it. Hey, he ain’t stopping … oh, he’s got a fare already.”

“Shereen, I need caffeine. Take me inside and buy me a coffee.”

“What about me?”

“You keep waving your arm, girl. Come tell us when you got us a cab.”

I wrote this in response to Kreative Kue 191, issued on this site earlier this week. Feel free to join in; just follow the link.


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