I Challenge You To…

This week the challenge is ‘things that make you happy’. Hmmm…


This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:

Things that make you happy

Last week’s theme was friends. They’re clearly very important to you. Here are some of the touching and thought-provoking pieces you sent in:

Keith Channing sent in a clever limerick:

The rumour mill lately contends
That there’ll be a reunion of Friends
But those young (?) New Yorkers
Are known to tell porkers
So my view will remain… it depends.

Please visit MWS R Writings‘ blog for a piece about a special friend:


EDC Writing sent in this strong poem:

Lust a presence
love unrequited
disturbed balance
to be got through
enduring friends
true equilibrium
two of two
a man a woman.

And here’s a newbie. Welcome to Kristian! Here’s his super limerick:

I’m told my singing sounds like a curse
that could make any crowd…

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