Every second counts

“What are you doing there, Dear?”

“You said if I got lost I should stand somewhere and wait for you, but I couldn’t remember where you said so I stood here.”

“How long have you been here?”

“Between fifty-three and fifty-three and a half minutes.”


“Can’t say.”

“Why not?”

“You broke my concentration.”

“What were you concentrating on?”


“Counting what?”



“To know how long I’ve been here because I knew you’d ask.”

“So you’ve been counting the seconds for… let me see…”

“If I’d just counted the seconds it would be between three thousand, one hundred and eighty and three thousand two hundred and ten.”

“If you’d just counted the seconds.”

“Yes, if I’d just counted the seconds.”

“But you didn’t.”


“Why not?”

“Because I can’t guarantee to maintain accuracy for that long.”

“So what did you do?”

“I looked at my watch every thirty seconds and counted to thirty in between.”

“And that’s how you know you’d been here for between fifty-three and fifty-three and a half minutes?”

“Yes. I had reached fifty-three minutes and seventeen seconds when you spoke to me.”

“Wasn’t that rather boring? Wouldn’t you have enjoyed looking at all this beauty and all these people?”

“Maybe, maybe not. I’ll never know because I had to keep track of how long I’d been here because I knew you’d ask me.”

“But you didn’t remember where I’d told you to wait if you got lost?”

“No. So I came here.”

“I said the main entrance, but never mind. What made you choose this place?”

“Isn’t it obvious? The bright background contrasts with my sweatshirt and jeans, making it easy to spot me. Additionally, the patterns that the visitors’ movements follow mean there will always be a large space in front of me, so it would be even easier for you. At the same time, the female tourists keep well away from me, because that’s what women do.”

“So you’ve been standing there like that for almost an hour, just counting the passage of time?”


“And you weren’t bored?”

“Not at all. I enjoy counting in small sets and I get a lot of pleasure from observing the passage of time.”

“One final question.”


“Why are you holding your hat like that?”

“I told you. I get a lot of pleasure from observing the passage of time.”

I wrote this in response to Kreative Kue 183, issued on this site earlier this week. Feel free to join in; just follow the link.


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