I Challenge You To…

Esther’s challenge


This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:


As I was away, the previous challenge was extended. The theme was Shopping. Here are some of the super pieces you sent in:

Keith Channingalways makes me laugh:

Ecologically, I’m still a learner,
I can’t seem to work the wood burner.
I’m supposed to be chopping
But I’d rather go shopping
(and pretend that I’m still awage-earner)

Kevin sent in two:

I know a young lady named Dolly
Who stole my shopping trolley.
She is rather witty
And extremely pretty,
And she stole my shopping trolley!

There was a young lady called Hocking
Who lost a fine silk stocking,
In the supermarket aisle
Which made me smile
Though her mother found it shocking!

Jason Moody‘s is a hoot:

I spent the day at the mall
To be honest I wanted…

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