I Challenge You To…

Esther’s challenge.


This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:


Last week’s challenge was to write about coffee.  Here are a few of your wonderful pieces:

Keith Channing never disappoints:

There’s no finer sight to be seen,
In any work-place that I’ve been,
Forget the staff diner
And the comfy recliner
Just show me the coffee machine.

Jason Moody was inspired to write an ode to coffee:

Oh coffee

How your brown elexir doth smooth my soul
You place my grump on temporary parole
You vanquish the zombie that has formed overnight
You disperse the clouds and beckon the light.
From the very first drop you brighten my senses
My mind does a cartwheel and scales tall fences
Pressed to my lips like loves first kiss
You’re hot and delicious – oh you are bliss
The rest of the day I can…

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