I Challenge You To…

The latest challenge from Esther


This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:


Last week’s challenge was to write about pets. You sent in some entertaining pieces. Here are a few:

Here’s a witty limerick from Keith Channing:

When a friend had to go to UK
She said, “Can my pups with you stay?”
We said, “What’s two more?
It’ll only make four.”
So now w’re outnumbered – hooray!

Kevin has written an amusing limerick:

There was a young man called Nile
Who stole my pet crocodile.
I felt very sad
For this poor young lad
While the crocodile he did smile …

Jason Moody will raise a smile with his quartet:

I’m Dad to a dog we call Boomer
He’s no friend of the local pet groomer
He sheds all his hair
Lets it fill the house air
A moulter ? I wish we’d…

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