Albert and Jarvis part 88

a tale in weekly parts

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Episode 88

Alice was determined that her pregnancy was to be as normal as possible, given the unique nature of the foetus she would be nurturing over the coming months. She looked at Alex.

“Listen, Alex. I don’t care what happens during the next forty weeks or whatever, but I plan to stay, literally, in the here and now until this baby is born. What you do is up to you, but this gal ain’t shifting.”

“What if there’s something that only we can deal with, if the Eddies call, or if Albert needs us?”

“If that happens, brother of mine, you’re on your own.”


“What part of ‘this gal ain’t shifting’ is giving you trouble? I. Am. Not. Moving.”

“Good for you, Alice,” Madge said, “the health of the baby growing in you must be your only concern. Carrying and giving birth to a healthy child is always a massive responsibility; probably the biggest most women will face in their lives. This one, though? This one is special. From what Albert says, it could be the most important child born on this planet for many years.”

“I know the significance of what’s involved here, Mum. That’s why I’m going to be specially careful.”

Al and Alex said nothing. Truth be told, they were both a little overwhelmed by the situation. Al looked at his son and whispered, “Where’s the old boy now?”

“Not here, Dad. I can’t sense them at all. I think… I hope that he’ll be true to his word and stay away until Alice has had her baby.”

Albert and Jarvis will now take a short break to allow Alice to enjoy her pregnancy in peace. Look out for it again later in the year (or early 2018)