Z is for Zebroid #AtoZChallenge

As my contribution to the A-Z blogging challenge this year, I shall be offering each day a limerick or rhyme having as its subject the day’s keyword, the keywords being based on a selection of strange, unusual or interesting animals drawn from Strange Animals blog or a-z animals website.


A zebroid’s a hybridised zebra
Crossed with any variety of horse.
Included are zetland and zonkey,
Plus zony and zebrule, of course.

In some of the hybridisations,
The zebra’s the mother, and so
The result resembles the father
With some stripes that its heritage show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these strange creatures
We’ve followed from a up to z,
But that’s all there is for this season,
So now I am off to my bed!


For information about the Zebroid, see Strange Animals

4 thoughts on “Z is for Zebroid #AtoZChallenge

  1. Oh rejoice! Rejoice! Your Z rhymes with bed and not bee.
    It used to rhyme with bed, but now in New Zee it rhymes (thanks to Sesame Street) with Bee. I shall die saying ZED, but it’s a lost cause.


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