X is for Xenophobe #atozchallenge

As my contribution to the A-Z blogging challenge this year, I shall be offering each day a limerick containing the day’s key word, the key words being based on a random selection made by a web site that does that kind of thing. Today’s word is:


An alien who came to our globe
Launched an exploratory probe.
He said, “Let’s get back,
Before they attack;
It looks like they’re all xenophobe.”

12 thoughts on “X is for Xenophobe #atozchallenge

  1. That’s a great X, Keith. I can just see hums shooting first and asking questions later if an alien even lands on earth. Makes sense after all the money and thought that’s gone into trying to find life on other planets! xx Rowena


    1. Racism is more about one group believing itself to be better, more virtuous. White Europeans ‘took the Gospel to the heathen’, believing our way of life was godly, and that they needed to be saved from their ungodly ways that would condemn them to an eternity in hell. Slaves were thought of as something less than human, not the pinnacle of God’s creation. God is traditionally pictured as white (as, until recently, were Jesus and his apostles, and most of the ancient prophets), implying that white is good and, by extension, that other colours are not. That kind of feeling continues with the divisive religious factions that are still a global problem.

      The second part of the sentence reflects that so many films that have been made about aliens assume malicious intent, making them fierce, single-minded, war-like beings. A bit like humans, only moreso.


  2. So, the aliens here found humans to be xenophobic… my zombies later today will do the same… do you think there are some signs that us humans just aren’t picking up on??


    1. Trumps me. Oops; did I say that out loud?

      Our problem, apart from considering ourselves a ‘special creation’ and thus superior to everything else (isn’t that what was, ultimately, behind slavery, colonialism, racial issues, anti-Semitism, the crusades, Daesh et al) is that we take our worst traits, and project them, magnified, onto those that are not like us.

      Well, you did ask!

      Keith Channing A-Zing from http://keithkreates.com


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