T is for Tremble #atozchallenge

As my contribution to the A-Z blogging challenge this year, I shall be offering each day a limerick containing the day’s key word, the key words being based on a random selection made by a web site that does that kind of thing. Today’s word is:


More, even, than seeing a ghost,
I tremble when I get the post.
It makes me feel ill
That there might be a bill,
But it’s junk mail that I fear the most.

Bonus — T is for Tentative

An ad-man of old, most perceptive
Saw the need for a new contraceptive.
His plan was too tentative
To sell a preventative
But he tried, using methods deceptive..

3 thoughts on “T is for Tremble #atozchallenge

  1. Since I decided to start with bloggers WAY dow the list figuring they wouldn’t get as many visits, I am just now visiting while out blog hopping during the #Challenge. I continue to love the photograph you use at work at your desk. While share your T post with retired Bob, another ad man who spent his career at Leo Burnett Advertising Company in Chicago, IL. You may have already read my post on TEA today, but if not and you have time and interest, come see me.


    1. I can’t see an ad-man ever using deceptive methods. Can you imagine? ‘Twould mean nothing less than an unbalancing of the whole basis of western capitalism.


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