S is for Sickie #atozchallenge

As my contribution to the A-Z blogging challenge this year, I shall be offering each day a limerick containing the day’s key word, the key words being based on a random selection made by a web site that does that kind of thing. Today’s word is:


His wife said, “John, let’s have a quickie.”
He said, “Great, I’ll phone in a sickie.
I hope it’ll work,
the boss is a jerk,
But his sidekick might be a bit tricky.”

Bonus — S is for Serendipitous

I was faced with a drop most precipitous
And felt staying alive serendipitous.
I developed an itch;
Made me want to twitch
Not for birds, but like Alf Ippititimus.

5 thoughts on “S is for Sickie #atozchallenge

  1. I’m not very good at big words, but I surely see that you are. I am following all your social networks now. Gonna keep my eye on you. Maybe I’ll learn something. ~hehehe~ Never to old to learn as they say. It’s containing it is my problem. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.


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