New lavender

I really enjoy reading Jem’s poems every day (except, perhaps, for Haiku and similar forms which my ageing brain doesn’t ‘get’). Occasionally, I feel moved to respond with a poem of my own. Today’s response was:

I planted a bamboo two years ago
At the bottom of our plot
In the part that’s always boggy
And the grass grows quite a lot

The healthy crop of nettles, too
And brambles, if we let them
Grow strongly in the soggy soil
And the mower just can’t get them.

And now the bamboo’s growing well
And starting to get stronger
The buddleia and laurels, though,
May take a little longer.

But month by month and year by year
As shrubs we planted spread
The evil weeds’ll be crowded out
And we’ll have wilderness instead


New lavender in my garden
In the space beside the pond
It is fragrant and delicious
But delicate still in frond

I am hoping that this place
Will see it settle in its bed
So that in successive summers
It will seed itself and spread

New lavender in my garden
It is my solace when in need
So fragrant when it’s growing
But also when in seed


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