One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge topic this week is cloudy!

To participate:

  • Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy”
  • Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
  • Tag your post with “One Word Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution
  • Have fun!

Links to your contribution will be shared on the next week’s post.

My contribution. All taken locally within the last year or so.


8 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy

      1. moons are never easy, and hand held makes it even harder. I already liked the image, and now knowing how you shot it, I’m impressed even more. Sometimes I think a bit of soft focus is nice – we don’t always see items in sharp, crisp focus, and I like images that make me feel as if I’m seeing the scene in person.

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